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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 15, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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>> sean: the anointed one, president crybaby gives a warning to the gop, don't call my bluff. karl rove has the latest from the debt debate on capitol hill. >> neither side appears willing to budge. what will it take to break the standoff? juan williams is here with the answers. >> the book that everyone is talking about. a shocking account of the financial crisis and the democrats that are to blame. >> plus, our weekly analysis of the left wing obamamania media bias. >> they look mean, difficult and never going to lose. >> sean: this week the great debt showdown. we are on the 2012. hannity starts right here, right now. tension is on the rise tonight in our nation's capital. the ongoing debt negotiations
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appear to be disintegrating this is president obama reportedly told lawmakers a short time ago that he wants a deal within the next 24 to 36 hours. to give you an idea how contentious things have gotten, yesterday, according to several gop sources, the president abruptly walked out of the debt meeting, after declaring that enough is enough. of course the white house is denying this report. saying that the session was coming to an end any way. tonight one thing is clear, the president is not the only democrat losing his composure. today on the senate floor, it sounded like a schoolyard when prince harry reid called house majority leader eric cantor, childish. doing her part to eradicate any sense of civility in washington is senator mccaskell. this morning she announced that her belief that minority leader mitch mcconnell has lost his mind. another day of name calling comes to answer.
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the bernanke is pulling no punches in his assessment of what would happen if a deal is not reached by the date of august 2nd. >> i think it would be clam outcome, create a severe shock that would have -- would effect the u.s. and global economy. the fault on those securities will throw the financial system into chaos. >> sean: joining me with unless of the day's events the author of the "new york times" best shelter "courage and consequence" karl rove. mr. rove, how are you? >> fantastic. >> sean: we appreciate you being here. let's start with the president. i'm calling him president crybaby. walks out of this thing. does he expect that the republicans who ran against his economic policies were going to say, yes, sir, and walk out of the room and agree with him? >> smartly salute and do what he wants.
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the white house denied it. this afternoon, democratic national committee used it as part of an e-mail fundraising appeal. don't make me call your bluff into a big thing. the president is saying, you must have a deal within 24 to 36 hours. mr. president, what is your deal? will you pro offer a deal. write it up, put it on a couple pieces of paper and offer it. instead he's saying, cave. give me all the taxes i want. and give me as little restraint on spending as i want. and don't ever count on me to offer a plan. >> sean: some good news today. i was not that happy with senator mccon fell's proposal. but, today -- today he came out as a co-sponsor in the senate of cut, cap and balance. my take is, strategically this is a bit of a chess game many you are great at strategy. why not the house republicans
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pass, cut, cap and balance send it to the senate, let's see was? >> we gotta have movement. mcconnell is a crafty inside operator. his first offer is never his final offer. i was looking at not what he was suggesting specifically, but the direction. the direction of it was to change the dynamic. mr. president, where is your plan? his proposal required the president to offer a plan. second, it acknowledged we needed to get this thing done. it changed the debate. i met with a been. of house republicans this morning, 60, 70 of them. my sense is, there's a growing sense in the house that what they ought to do is take some portion of the spending cuts that everybody has agreed upon, biden negotiated, house and senate republicans and house and senate democrats have agreed to. package it up into a debt ceiling vote, 600, 700 billion dollars. pass those spending cuts with a smaller debt ceiling increase. and send it to the senate. i think there's a desire in
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the house to do that with 218 votes or starting to be a sense of it. then follow with a vet on the balanced budget amendment. and put the democrats on record. >> sean: that's what i want. let me ask you strategically, would it be better to do this in two parts: cut, cap and balance first that is the best plan out there especially if the cuts are front-loaded not back-loaded. >> right. >> sean: we have to assume the senate either won't pick it up or the president would veto it and won't sign the bill. >> maybe. i think if the house passes a measure that has a big bunch of cuts in it. and an increase in the debt sealing that is smaller and sends it to the senate, what is the senate gonna do say no we are going to let the country go belly up? i think the senate passes it. if they send it to the president, you think geithner and bernanke are going to say yeah mr. president follow through on your threat and veto it? >> sean: do you think that's the next step for the
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republicans? >> i think so. i'm reading the tea leaves. i think they are trying to find a way to get on the offense. the best way is to say okay, great, you say today carney goes out, we've got 1.5 to 1.7 trillion in cuts that we've all agreed to. take a bunch, bundle them together put a debt increase that is less and send it to senate. call their bluff. >> sean: if they cut cap and balance they have a fall-back circumstance. there are a lot of congressmen as you know, i think you spoke to some today that are on record having promised they won't raise the debt ceiling unless they get a balanced budget amendment. would that get them off the hook? >> the balance, let's be honest the balanced budget amendment is unlikely to pass, because it requires 50 democrats in the house out of 193 to join with all the republicans. that's 26% of the democrats. they ain't gonna do it. >> sean: there's 25 democratic
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senators on record -- >> guess what they are not going to do it. it requires 19 democrats to join with republicans, the 47 republicans in order to get this thing done. they are not going to do it. that's 1 out of every 3 democrats in the senate. democrats certain to vote for the balanced budget amendment, montana, missouri, michigan -- [ talking over each other ] likely lose otherwise. there will be enough democrats who won't vote it. let's be clear, we won't ever vote as republicans and s for a big tax increase. >> sean: for any tax increase. >> for any tax increase. democrats are genetically predisposed not to vote for a balanced budget -- >> sean: don't they have a better hand than a lot of people think? is any politician gonna run that they ran on raising taxes at this moment in history?
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is any democrat want to run on the issue they want to spend more money by raising the debt ceiling? >> no, remember how they will portray it. they will portray the tax increases by saying we made the rich pay their fair share. they will try and take the edge off. spending more they will say we protected our investments in education and seniors and all the good and plausible things they can dress it up in. >> sean: you are saying this is obama's problem? >> it is look, the president is the person who asks for an increase in the debt ceiling. the president is obligated to offer a plan. if it doesn't get done, it doesn't get done because of a failure of leadership. harry reid and nancy pelosi and barack obama have no moral authority to lecture the republicans about the debt ceiling, because all of them voted against raising the debt ceiling when bush was in office.
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including the president. >> sean: you are fired up mr. rove. >> i met with a bunch of these republicans you can't walk out of that room without getting fired up, because they are trying to do the right thing for the country. >> sean: it will be good for them politically. >> and they understand what going to be the consequence if the president has one of his two ways. either a much bigger government that is more expensive had higher taxes or failure to pass a reasonable debt ceiling and problems on the economy. >> sean: good to see you. president obama reportedly wanted to drag congressional leaders to camp david for more talks. republicans and democrats are both balking at that idea. juan williams is going to defend the president and his crybaby
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>> sean: congressional leaders have been meeting at the white house with president obama to try and hammer out a debt ceiling deal. the white house has announced lawmakers will not be asked to gather at the white house friday. the president will spend his time tomorrow with his fans in the mainstream obamamania media when he holds another press conference. joining me with reaction to this juan williams. juan, welcome back. >> good to be with you sean. >> sean: i want to get into this issue of eric cantor's comments and i want your reaction. he said the fact we are here today to raise the debt ceiling is a sign of
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leadership failure. leadership means the buck stops here. washington is shifting the burden of bad choices on the backs of our children and ground children. america has a debt problem and failure of leadership. america deserves better. i will oppose the effort to increase america's debt limit. reaction? >> just incredible to me that a man who is talking about leadership. a man elected to be a great american leader, eric cantor is abdicating all responsibility. and saying i'm not willing to make a deal. the president is offering three dollars in cuts which is what republicans and eric cantor and john boehner and mitch mcconnell have been asking for, three dollars in spending cuts, shrink the size of government for every one dollar in terms of a hike so we can have shared sacrifice. so it is not just weight on the backs of moms and grand moms and soldiers. that everybody in this country makes a commitment to shrink the size of the deficit. there's cantor pointing
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fingers, playing blame games. contributing to paralysis so we don't get out of this hole that he keeps digging deeper. >> sean: we are good friends. and i really -- eric cantor didn't say that. barack obama said that. barack obama said that in 2006 when he voted against the debt ceiling. >> that's a different time. that's a totally different ball of wax. clearly, obama as the most liberal senator in the u.s. senate at that time, was taking a political position with the knowledge that president bush had the votes necessary to raise the debt ceiling. we weren't in the situation we are in today! >> sean: you are ruining the one time i found myself in agreement with obama he was right then. i'm not trying to play gotcha. but i'm trying to make a point. this is a mess he's created this is a mess of his own
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doing this is what conservatives like myself and others, warn would happen if we followed his economic model. now that it has failed and he spent the money. now we find ourselves in this situation. do you think anybody out there would vote for a politician today, juan, that's gonna spend money like this, raise taxes like this, like this president has? is that what america voted for with hope and change? >> sean, my hat's off to you. i think off to many of the republicans who right now are intransigent in their point of view. the whole discussion has shifted to shrinking the size of the deficiency. that is on everybody's mind. the president has said, it is time to shrink the deficit. we must do something about it. when you hear from moody's this week they are going to downgrade america's numbers. that's shocking news for the whole country. i don't care if you are a republican, democrat, that's bad news. if you say, what are people
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willing to vote for? i think people are willing to vote for politicians who say here's a solution to the problem, let's move on. let's not put the nation's economy at risk by allowing the debt ceiling to stay in place and our debts to run over and the economy, the recession goes away. stop going back sean to what you don't like about president obama. >> sean: all i've heard for three years is president crybaby blame bush for all his problems when he begged for this job. campaigned for the job. now he's such a crybaby, petulant, arrogant, gets up and complaints that ronald reagan wouldn't be treated this way i have news for him, he's no ronald reagan. at this point in reagan's presidency, he inherited a far worse economy. he we were in the middle of a recovery by this point. -- >> you are calling him president crybaby. you are going back to things that happened years ago. and you are comparing ronald --
12:18 am
>> sean: he compared himself. >> let's talk about what is going on right now this is serious. and you just heard from karl rove the republicans right now are trying to get on the offense . because that kind of attitude, which is to say, we delight in saying no, no, no. is not working with the voters who say, we got a real problem. time for big boys to come in the room and get this thing straightened out. >> sean: raising taxes during a recession, another obama quote. raising taxes in a recession is foolish that was president obama. right now the gallup poll comes out today, generic republican beats him by eight points on every metric measure on the economy he is either in the low 30s or high 30s. that's it. >> you are playing games again. you know that there's not one republican who is running right now, who head-to-head beats president obama. so you are going about some ideal generic, possible
12:19 am
republican candidate. because you just want everybody who is angry at president obama to somehow throw him out. let me say this, it is time to stop playing these games and talk about the real issue. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: you know what the difference between conservative and liberals are? liberals can be for everything, health care, they can be for the social welfare state. they can be for the nanny state. they don't oppose anything. conservatives have to make the tough decisions then they get demagogued by a president who is using old people as he is in this case as a pawn in this chess game. when he's needlessly and purposely scaring them when he knows we have the money to give them their social security checks. and he's lying to the american people when he says otherwise. >> this is ridiculous. i can't believe this is coming from the same guy who was all about death panels and killing bills and steering seniors when it came to the health
12:20 am
care proposal. >> sean: i was right. >> you were wrong. and of course there is no such thing as any death panel. >> sean: you wait. >> right now president obama is the one who is saying -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: he's scaring old people i gotta go. >> i'm willing to look at entitlements and anger my left wing base in order to get a deal -- [ talking over each other ] sean we take in 200 billion dollars -- >> money is not there. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: we have enough money. >> that is not true. sean you shouldn't say things like that it hurts your credibility. you think bernanke -- [ talking over each other ] >> do you think geithner that mitch mcconnell and john boehner who say we need a deal are just make -- just making this up? they are not making it up. >> sean: i'm going to send you the numbers in an e-mail
12:21 am
tonight. coming up the obamamania media has weighed in the debt disaster. >> plus, the people who caused the financial meltdown, guess what? they are all democrats. a brand new book points fingers, names names and the au
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i am directing hud secretary sis fair rose to develop -- cisneros to develop a plan to boost homeownership to an all-time high in the united states before the century is out. >> sean: that was former president clinton launching the homeowners hit program that many say spark the 2008 financial meltdown. reckless indangererment, the new book by "new york times" reporter gretchen morganson. she will join us in just a moment. she chronicles how clinton's homeowner's hit initiative encouraged fannie mae and freddie mac to make risky loans to people who could not pay them. they needed help from law make hers who allowed them to toss out mortgage requirements,
12:26 am
like a good credit history. former fannie mae chairman called on their friends and congress -- friends in congress, frank, dodd, waters and meeks served as their champions in congress. when others raised eyebrows they responded forcefully. >> let me let you in on a surprise, some people don't want new business. they don't like the success that you have accomplished by putting people with decent roofs over their heads. some people don't like that. >> i don't see anything in your report. >> mr. chairman, we do not have a crisis at freddie mac in particular at fannie mae under the outstanding leadership of mr. raines. >> this is about the political lynching of franklin raines. >> sean: democratic economists serving -- serving in the clinton and obama administrations did the same.
12:27 am
larry summers ordered the rewriting of a report which found that fannie mae and freddie mac should be privatized and stop receiving your tax dollars. treasury secretary geithner and former omb director orszag don't emerge from the book looking better. by the way, this book is phenomenal. i want to say that up front. there's so much information in here. we do -- we could do a whole hour special. >> thanks sean. >> sean: freddie and fannie, franklin raeupbdz. the community reinvestment. act -- all of these things together. am i right in saying that government forced banks and financial institutions to lessen these lending requirements so that people could get mortgages knowing that the people would never be able to repay these loans is that true? >> clip you showed outside of
12:28 am
the show is what we are talking about. clinton said, let's get everybody together, industry, regulators, the government, everybody was onboard for this. so, yes it was all about encouraging, expanding homeownership. this meant to people who previously had not been able to afford a home. minorities, lower income people. immigrants. yes it was absolutely necessary to expand to those people because we had a flat line on homeownership up until now. >> sean: tell us about jimmy johnson, go into great detail about franklin raines. 100 million dollars he made. >> that's an the report absolutely. he's important to know, because he escaped under the radar. as the crisis developed in 2008, this person was nowhere to be seen. jim johnson ran fannie mae with an iron fist, extremely shrewd political animal. turned the company into a political machine from 1991 to 1999. very crucial period, that's
12:29 am
when they ballooned the balance sheet started to lead the way down in degrading the due diligence that normally gets done when you make a home loan. and he made a tremendous amount of money for himself. he also was very shrewd about buying off the academic community. about making sure he could co-opt his regulator. and that regulator would be a 98 pound weakling. >> sean: you described how they took it from hud and moved to congressional oversight. you talk about the incestuous relationship. an instance where barney frank got a job at fannie for a friend. then he -- look at his role in this or chris dodd's role. friends at countrywide getting sweetheart loans for themselves. explain the connection between congress and this -- these failing institutions. >> it was of crucial
12:30 am
importance that fannie mae be allowed to keep its government -- taxpayers were backing it. if that went away, then the whole golden goose was cooked. it was crucial for congress to be co-opted to be taken over, to be bought and paid for. that was what jim johnson did. raines continued down that path. you had any time anyone criticized homeownership. any time anybody said, wait a minute what if these are people who can't repay these poisonous loans, these toxic loans, you would be ridiculed. you would be steam rollered. they wrapped themselves in the american flag of homer and dispelled all critics. >> sean: you are talking about hundreds of billions in corruption. why haven't more people done the investigative work that you have? this is a web -- look, tell me if i'm wrong if this happened in the sector, would people go to jail? >> the question of why no one
12:31 am
has gone to jail is one that we've been reporting on. i think is a conundrum for a lot of people this is especially damaging. the taxpayers are on the hook now for 150 billion dollars. and the very people that we were supposed to be helping, got hurt the worst by this incredible partnership. >> sean: it also helped jumpstart this slow down in the economy. very informative. a web -- if you want to know about government corruption, well chronicled. a lot of people in washington today were around then. including the two that i mentioned and more. great job, gretchen appreciate you being with us. >> thank you sean. >> sean: stupid and mean. that's what one msnbc anchor is calling republicans who are refuseusing to give into democratic demands to raise taxes. ♪
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert. two passenger planes have collided on the taxiway of boston's logan airport. the collision occurred 7:30 eastern time and caused extensive damage to one aircraft. the tail of the plane has been bent overcome pleatly. passengers were onboard -- over completely. passengers were onboard both planes. no sear -- no serious injuries were reported. we'll keep you updated. >> the mainstream media has been showing its true colors from praising the president for his solid handling of the situation. to railing on republicans for being stupid and mean. here to help us point out the most outrageous examples of liberal bias. the president of the media research center brent bozell.
12:37 am
welcome back. >> sean, are you how doing? >> sean: we have to look at this through the prism, now s&p is saying there's a chance they will downgrade america's aaa rating with moody's, and the imf says china is going to take over our economy in five years. let's look at the he'dia hype, obama's scare -- at the media hype, obama's scare talk and the coverage. >> this debt crisis in washington is getting very scary. speaker of the house warning yesterday economic catastrophe. president obama for the first time yesterday saying social security recipients in august may not receive their checks. >> can you tell the folks at home no hart what happens the social security checks are going out? -- >> republican leaders have refused to consider tax hikes now the president says if there is no deal he can't car began -- guarantee social security checks will go out.
12:38 am
>> sean: amazing how ignorant people are. we take in 200 billion dollars as a country a machine. enough to pay social security, -- medicare, medicaid, military, veterans and the interest on the debt. we would have to shutdown some other things, maybe the epa to start. it is not true what they are saying. >> no, it is not true. if the media were doing their job they would do a crazy thing like report that is not true. nbc to its credit at least asked the question, ann curry and matt lauer at least asked if this was a scare tactic? this is chicago street theater at its worst. the president is responsible for . let's say -- for this. let's say the president has a ground to say this you would think a reporter would ask him to back it up this is such a devastating accusation this is
12:39 am
what is important here. when the president says these things, he's giving talking points to the left wing press to also say the same things as factually as he did so it becomes a matter of fact. >> sean: this is the liberal media out of the seven questions, six put the onus on the republicans. or they say the president needs to be more liberal. >> balance shared sacrifice in the four trillion dollar deal you are talking about.
12:40 am
>> sean: one softball after another. >> it really is. in journalism 101 if you are going to ask a question of someone like the president, you take respectfully, you take the opposition's best argument and play devil's advocate and pose it. that's how it should be done. sam donaldson could do it well with ronald reagan and bill clinton. instead, what you've got is barack obama choosing these people who he knows are his allies in that room, to do his talking points for him. who does he choose to ask an objective question? the huffington post. he is setting them up for softballs. and they are calling it a press conference. it is making a mockery of this thing called journalism. >> sean: watch the one coming up tomorrow. the republicans they are stupid and mean for not going along with raising taxes
12:41 am
during a recession. roll the tape. >> when it comes to taxes, this issue of revenues, is there any way this deal gets done without the republicans compromising, somewhat, on taxes? >> i think the republicans look stupid and mean. i'm sorry. >> what mean? this is stupid this is a no-brainer in terms of a deal this is a no-brainer. and they look mean and difficult and they going to lose this. at this point, -- [ talking over each other ] >> raising income tax. >> cut a deal on things that make sense. >> sean: stupid and mean. nbc news, i'm brian williams. >> she should be careful about using terps like no-brainer and stupid when she is -- terms like no-brainer and stupid when she is doing this kind of analysis. if he just knew a little bit, she would know every time the democrats make a deal with
12:42 am
republicans where they will cut spending and raise taxes they always succeed in raising taxes -- >> sean: let me ask is you this. george stephanopoulos, the objective journalist he is at abc news. the president has done remarkably well brent. >> how is he doing over all in your judgment, the president? >> solid. it is hard to imagine, i'm trying to think in our lifetime if anybody has been dealt a tougher hand coming into the white house. and given that, i think he's done remarkably well. i think that any president who came in, in january of 2009 would have had to make the moves he did to shore up the financial system. i think there's no question. >> sean: reagan's economy was worse. bush 9/11.
12:43 am
no one has had to deal with anything tougher than obama. >> let's try world war ii. when we do our annual dishonors awards, i guarantee you that clip will make it as a finalist. classic example of the this guy needed smelling salt by the time he ended this one that was shameless. >> sean: i'm voting for that. doesn't matter what else is in there. bozell you are a great american appreciate it. >> our great, great american panel is next.
12:44 am
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>> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel. he's an emmy award winning comedian appearing at the bridge street theater in connecticut. >> what is that face you make every time. i don't have a multi-million dollar job like you. >> sean: you work with what's his name. >> you always bring that up. i don't even though the guy.
12:48 am
i can't make eye contact with him. i'm not allowed. >> sean: karen hanretty is here. he's a contributing editor jeffrey lord is here way is the best deal for the republicans here? what should they do next? >> cut, cap, balance. i like newt gingrich's as well. we got to get locked in now. you cannot walk away with -- even president reagan got burned about this. this is a battle royale for the future of the country this is not about right now. we 10 to treat these things like political super bowls who is ahead, who is behind this is the long term of this country. this is a very big deal. >> sean: it is also a moment of truth for the republican party. they've got to step up, hold firm. i'm saying vote for cut, cap and balance. let the democrats and the
12:49 am
president not support it. if they have to go back dollar for dollar, small increases, dollar for raising the debt sealing that is fine. at least put the -- debt ceiling that is fine. at least put the onus on the president. >> i think they should call his bluff. we saw obama blink when it came to cutting the bush tax cuts. i think he will blink again. the only area where i differ slightly is, i think republicans need to keep it simple. a balanced budget amendment is not going to pass. >> sean: i want the democrats on record. >> it is kind of gimmicky. >> the whole thing is a game on some level. that is what is frustrating to the american public this idea there's a debt ceiling. they create a set of rules, when the rules aren't working they want to change the rules in the middle of the game. who does that? kids. >> it is not a game throw. >> but it is being treated like a game.
12:50 am
listen to the terminology used all night here who is going to blink first. that's the problem. it is like two jocks fighting. >> sean: no, the difference is that you have two very distinct visions for the country. and i gotta tell you something, our kids are gonna be burdened with debt and a deficit they will never overcome. >> that is right. we are going to decide in the future in terms of whether we are going to be a capitalistic country, al country or talking about people coming -- entrepreneurial country or talking people coming into your house telling you what kind of lightbulbs you should have. this is setting the premise for this hiring all these people in washington, d.c. to oversee this stuff. >> it seems like an actual contractor who came in to raise my ceiling. it feels like it is disingenuous on some level. political posturing. people positioning themselves to get the white house. >> sean: i think this,hñ is abot principle too.
12:51 am
we hired these guys in 2010, not to raise taxes and get our financial affairs in order. >> there's a big disingenuous piece to this. this is no surprise that the debt ceiling has come due. we were talking about this last november and december saying the -- one of the first votes of the 2010 congress is going to have to make is the debt ceiling. no one has done anything about it. obama didn't do anything about it in his budget, which he didn't propose. democrats proposed increasing spending. in the middle of these budget debt ceiling deals they still want to increase spending. >> sean: we have to take a break. harvard professor wants parents to lose custody of obese kids. more with our panel, straight ahead. [ female announcer ] goodnight gluttony,
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>> sean: we continue with our panel. this harvard professor calls for parents to lose custody of their obese kids. >> the fat police cometh. we are in the obama era. this is the mind set that guess on out there. >> sean: i think some liberals would be happy because they want give our kids condoms when they are 10. >> you can't put this on
12:56 am
liberals. this is a professor who ingested 25 grams of dumb. you want to know why kids would lose weight on a government program? they would lose 10 pounds lunch. >> sean: that's true. when you see really obese kids and the parents taking them to mcdonald's and giving them two big macs and friend. fries and a large coke. >> your kids are probably fit ercise everyday. >> sean: were you bragging about swimming nude. >> they could sim at the boy's clubs. >> sean: i don't make judgments, what do you think? >> it is on the parents. i spent three weeks in west virginia, no offense. but i've never seen toddlers
12:57 am
walking around with soda in baby bottles. [ laughing ] >> oh come on! >> i am not exaggerating. >> maybe it was diet soda >> it is absolutely on the parents. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: should parents lose -- >> of course not. let me tell you something. you guys don't have this problem. as a woman who is always trying to lose 10 pounds, if not more, you don't just take a fat kid or a fat person, put them in someone else's house for a couple weeks or months and they lose weight like that. >> you don't? i've done that with my kids. >> sean: i recently dieded that i didn't want to be five months -- decided that i didn't want to be five months pregnant any more and on weight watchers and lost 15 pounds. it was a pain in the neck. i love junk food. so i made a decision. here's the point, if kids are that obese, is it is a form --
12:58 am
i think these parents are negligent in their duty. but i don't think the government should get involved. >> it is called freedom. our friend mark levin would say this is an obsession with the supremacy of the state. >> sean: well said. >> if you want to talk about freedoms, a lot of americans feel they have life, liberty and the pursuit of deep fried twinkies. >> sean: ever tried a deep fried twinkie? i'm going to the iowa fair because i want that and fried oreos, which i never tried. why do you think i lost all the weight? >> why stop with kids? >> if more kids were doing naked swimming and more active as were you as a kid. kids aren't active. -- [ talking over each other ] >> the wii was being pushed as a form of exercise for kids. >> sean: did you ever try it?
12:59 am
i get out of breath. >> because you jazzecise too early in the morning. >> sean: don't put it on me, you are the one who was swimming naked. all boys -- >> in providence, rhode island. >> sean: do you reel if that happened today? >> everybody said it was a better time back then. no it was creepier. >> sean: exactly. can governor palin gets in? >> she can win of course. >> no, she can't win. and i don't think she will get in. >> you're wrong. >> i'm not wrong. [ talking over each other ] >> she should change her slogan to america's tease. i'm running, i'm not, i'm gonna kiss you, i'm not going to kiss you. >> sean: she is not going to kiss you. >> after she hears about the naked swim, you are wrong. >> sean: let not your heart be troubled, greta is ne


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